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Relax in your backyard vacation
A Vacation in your own backyard

Instead of counting down the days to your next vacation, you could be enjoying the health benefits and everyday relaxation of a Coast Spas Hot Tub right in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard – any time you want!

For the cost of a traditional family vacation, you could be using your Coast Spas Hot Tub for a lifetime of wonderful memories

Whether it means a quiet night contemplating under the stars or an evening of laughter with friends and family, the Coast Spas lifestyle is an investment in your own health and happiness.

Did you know a Coast Spas Hot Tub can actually improve your health? Immersing yourself in hot water stimulates the blood flow in your body, bringing more oxygen to your deeper tissues, and giving you an overall soothing sense of relief for sore muscles and aching joints. Even the simple act of soaking three times a week for 20 minutes at a time can help relieve stress and allow you to rejuvenate your sense of well-being.

And allowing yourself an evening soak before bed to wash away the stress of the day can give you a better, deeper sleep. Imagine how refreshed you’ll feel in the morning!


Proud dealer of one of North America’s top of the line spa and pool chemicals and supplies. We carry a variety of SpaGaurd and BioGaurd chemical and products to help keep your spa & pool running to its full potential!

Pool Chemicals
Pool Chemicals
Featured Product

Featured Product

PharmaSpa Aromatherapy Spa and Bath crystals: Lavendula, Tiger Balm, Articul-R, Energy, Eucalyptus.


Remember as warmer weather approaches, it is recommended you clean and re-fill your hot tub around every 3 months for a fresh fill of water. This way your total dissolvable solid (TDS) count doesn’t get too high. If your TDS count gets too high, this can make your chemicals less effective and you will end up using more chemical then necessary.

Did you know we do water testing?

Stop by the store with a water sample from your pool or hot tub and we will analyze your water to let you know if it’s time for a fresh fill or if you’re having any problems with your water quality. We provide a customized, easy-to-follow instruction sheet to keep your pool or hot tub running smoothly.

Pool Maintenance

With over a thousand different kinds of filters for your hot tub, finding the right one can seem daunting. Stop in the store and we can help find the right one for you; remember to bring in your existing filter!

Tired of that same old chlorine smell, looking to set the mood for your hot tub, we have the right thing for you! Add a specially formulated scent to your hot tub. Won’t alter your chemical effectiveness and will leave it smelling beautifully.

Looking for a pump, filtration or heating system for your above pool, we can do that too!

Come on down and let us help you with your spa & pool needs!

Pool Filter
Pool cover

Pool & Spa Covers

Hot tub cover not working? Getting a little worn down and torn? Frozen solid or holding water?

It’s time to replace that old cover. We can find the right fit for you! We can special order a cover of your choosing into our store that will fit as snug as a bug!